Testimonials & Reviews

Do you find yourself wanting to give pin up a try but unsure if you can do it? Many before you have had concerns of body image, nervousness and I promise you I can give you not just a great experiences, not just fantastic pictures but a new found sense of confidence in your body and yourself. Don't believe me? Take their word for it!

Ruby Roxx

I was welcomed to Spokane to shoot with Stina Rae and her vixens for the first time in September. We shot a fantastic 12 sets and the whole team was just lovely to be around and work with. Very talented, pleasant, and made the whole day run very smooth. Although I have a lot of experience shooting, meeting new people can be sometimes nerve racking, but I was made to feel VERY comfortable and like I had known everyone for years. I made so many new friends, and was SO happy with the results. I came back again in November to shoot even more. I only wish Stina Rae was closer to me (I live in Vancouver Canada) so we could shoot more often. Highly recommended.

Bella Bambina

Stina Rae Photography is a force to be dealt with in the pinup/retro world! Tina is an amazing talent, very personable, and will always go out of her way to make her clients happy! She is respectful, easy to work with, and very professional! I would recommend her to anyone who wants an experience to remember! I cannot wait to work with her again very soon.


Ok darlings I have started this testimonial about 20 times today, there are just so many great things I want to say about Tina and the wonderful group of women she has put together. From the time I entered the studio to the time I left I felt like a million dollars (and they made me look like that too). They made me feel very comfortable and were very helpful with the posing and bringing out my pinup side. There was no disappointment except that it ended, I will be back for more!!!! 
And on a side note if you are a bigger girl don't let that stop you.

Cari & Steve

Stina Rae is incredibly nice, both she and her team make you feel very comfortable. The MUAH artists do such a great job on your vintage makeover and the pictures Stina takes are such high quality. They almost seem like they should be in a magazine! I have been to her twice now and I have never been disappointed in anything she has done.

Sara Benton

Tina revolutionizes the way I look at myself now. It's like I've been asleep and have finally woken up to my true bombshell potential. EVERY woman needs to get prettied up and shoot with her. Every woman deserves to feel this great about themselves.


I was so looking forward to my makeover and photo shoot …. until I got to the door of the studio. Then I was suddenly nervous! My fears quickly dissipated when I met Stina Rae and her team. (Okay, the mimosa they offered helped, too.) My hair and makeup looked amazing. Who knew I could ever look that way? The thought of posing in my intimates was intimidating, but Tina and Gigi made me feel so comfortable. The photos were beautiful before Tina’s masterful edits, and even more lovely afterward. My significant other ended up with one photo as a gift, but I actually did this makeover and photo shoot for ME. I’m so glad I did!


Pin up is one of those experiences every girl needs to try...but warning it is highly addictive! Stina Rae and her friends always provide a fun and professional experience. I'm always so pleased to find new aspects of my creativity.


I had the opportunity to shoot with Tina last night. Everything was amazing. From hair/makeup to actually shooting photos. I was so nervous to be giving pin up a try, but all the women made me feel confident and beautiful. Today I walked a little taller and held my head a little higher with the surge of confidence this shoot gave me. Absolutely can not wait to see the final results!! If you are on the fence or nervous, STOP and get in touch with Stina Rae Photography. You will not be disappointed!


I never thought I could do something like this. Tina does amazing work like always, and help to guide you along the way. You never know until you try. Don't talk yourself out of doing something because of what you think others might think or say. Know you are beautiful and powerful. She will capture it and bring that to life in front of your eyes. 

Miss Ella Unusual-Gold Set-7.jpg

I. LOVE. STINA. RAE. PHOTOGRAPHY. I fan girled so hard when I walked in to the studio and saw these amazing sets I got to work on. It was like a dream come true. Tina and her hubby are also the sweetest, most down to earth and funny people i have ever met. Normally for a shoot it takes me a while to warm up but I felt so at home just talking to them that I got my A-game on. I 1000% recommend shooting with Stina Rae Photography, you won't regret it and you'll feel simply stunning.

Candy Coconuts


I had a wonderful time working with Stina Rae Photography! She made me feel instantly comfortable and we were laughing together the whole time! I loved the photos we've created together and will definitely be working with her again!

Dotti May

Tina was absolutely wonderful to work with. She had maintained a fun yet professional attitude throughout our shoot and had the means to back it up! Definitely worth shooting with her! Her studio is fully equipped, she has top of the line equipment and she definitely knows what to do with all of it! Hands down, a terrific individual.


The experience was fantastic! I loved how you and your assistant, Gigi Spott, made me feel comfortable and have fun with it. And all the special touches. The champagne, gift and time you took. And your vision! the stages were fantastic, the lights and coloring. An your photoshop! you made me look like a movie star. Really remarkable. I am addicted!

Lovely Lotus

I absolutely positively love this photographer, she is amazing and so pleasant to work with. I will definitely work with her again and again and her team rocked as well. Please go visit her page and schedule a shoot with Stina Rae Photography you will be blown away at the professionalism and she is so personable as well which will put you at ease and amazing photographs will be an end result no wonder she has so many published photos in the highest grade of magazines.