Take a tour of the studio!

We have been busy building new sets to the studio and it is a constant process of adding to it but we are proud of what we have created with not just offering backdrops but entire elaborate one of a kind sets. We have converted the entire downstairs of our home into our studio that includes a Vintage Kitchen, Marie Antoinette Set, Retro Living Room Set, Vintage Bedroom and a Military Bunker Set w/ a  5' Bomb.

In the studio we have a wardrobe stocked with a variety of lingerie, modern and vintage clothing including two gorgeous Alfred Shaheen dresses. There is also a vast shoe collection of about 80 pairs in many colors and sizes from 6-13. I have been lucky to work closely with Orchard Corset & Mid Century for Modern and have a variety of styles from sizes 2-26.

COMING SOON! Kitschy Bubble Bathtub Set, Retro Salon Set, updated Retro Living Room Set and fetish/kink room. We are also in the midst of converting our 29' RV into a portable 2 set studio to take on the road this spring. Stay tuned for travel dates!!


WWII Military Set

This large set is full of authentic pieces from WWII and constantly growing as we collect new items! We have also custom made a 5' bomb for ladies to pose on and around. On hand is a variety of military uniforms to choose from and wear.

Marie Antoinette Set

This decadent set is perfect for all things royal! Whether you are wearing a hoop skirt, tight laced in your finest corset and lingerie or if you dare to be draped in nothing but pearls this set is perfect for it all.


Vintage Kitchen

This one of a kind kitchen set is what dreams are made of! It is chalk full of vintage appliances, decor & personality. This set is perfect for your playful poses, cooking mishaps and sultry cat crawls around on the countertop...because after all that's what we do in the kitchen, right?!

Vintage Bedroom

This unique pink vintage bed is the centerpiece to the bedroom. It is a work in progress as we add pieces to it but it is great for wrapping yourself in the white sheets and letting your inner vixen loose.