Stina Rae Photography is comprised of the creative couple, Mike & Tina Brandvold, they have have come together and decided to expand!!

Tina aka "Stina Rae" started out with her love of photography and the Pin-Up world then began venturing out of Spokane, WA determined to get her name known beyond the city limits. Tina loves meeting new people, getting to watch women light up in front of her camera as they embrace their new sense of confidence.

Mike aka "Mister Stina Rae" has always been a creative person who enjoyed making things with his hands. Now he gets to build a wide variety of pieces  & decor, elaborate sets & props and joins Tina on set with his dynamic lighting techniques. He even gets Tina in front of the camera from time to time!

Together these two have pushed each other towards what they are most passionate about and encourage each other not to be shy about reaching for their goals.